Conditions of Use

At Cydney's we want our clients to feel secure while shopping online. With that in mind, we've installed the latest technologies in online security. Our webmaster utilizes secure socket layers, known as SSL in the information technology world. For all of us, who aren't computer geniuses, let's take a closer look.

To begin SSL provides secure communications on the Internet for such things as web browsing, e-mail, purchasing, and other data transfers. Prior to making a purchase at CYDNEY'S you will be prompted to create a username and password. This will generate a client profile for you to use each and every time you log-in. The SSL is the security force that insures authentication of your connection directly to CYDNEY'S by verifying your password, etc. It's similar to what you use when logging onto your email or EBay account. Now let's look at how the process actually securely configures itself.

Before any communications occur, the following takes place:

1. Cydney's secures communications to our server at

2. Our private key generated by our security provider for is verified for authenticity (this is also known as a "certificate").

3. Then, when you wish to communicate with Cydney's at, you make a connection to the website with your computer.

4. When you connect to Cydney's on its SSL-secured port, Cydney's sends back its public key. 5. Your computer gets the public key and decides if it is OK.

6. Once approved, your computer sends your computer's public key.

7. Cydney's site will then generate a "password" and encrypt it using both your public key and Cydney's private key, in succession, and send it back to your computer.

8. Your computer will then decrypt the password. This process proves that Cydney's sent the password and that only your computer was able to read it.

9. From then on your computer will start communicating with Cydney's by encrypting data using this password. Normal "symmetric" (password-based) encryption takes place from this point forward because it is much faster than using the public and private keys for everything. These keys were needed to enable Cydney's to prove its identity and rights to, then to give your computer the password in a safe way.

Now that wasn't too hard to understand was it? The bottom-line is security and secure transfers between our site and your computer. With the utilization of SSL and Zen-Cart our shopping cart system, our system is reliable, authentic, and secure.

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