Antique Russian Icon St. Nicholas Oil On Panel


Russian Icon of St. Nicholas, late 18th c., flanked by Jesus and Mary, the borders with the archangel Michael and St. Paissios left and Saint Onufrios and St. Peter of Mount Athos right, oil on gilt curved panel, H.- 13 1/4 in., W.- 11 in. Some loss center and small flaking edges.

 photo DSC08300_zps7f8f00d8.jpg  photo DSC08299_zpsc0910527.jpg  photo DSC08298_zps2793372e.jpg  photo DSC08297_zps7bd3dff0.jpg  photo DSC08296_zpsa2205f36.jpg  photo DSC08295_zps75184e65.jpg  photo DSC08294_zpsf1745860.jpg  photo DSC08293_zps6bc2b177.jpg  photo DSC08292_zpsc8c5a289.jpg  photo DSC08291_zps8f4cd325.jpg  photo DSC08290_zpsbacb847c.jpg  photo DSC08289_zpsf67e2d85.jpg  photo DSC08288_zps7b0c24d5.jpg  photo DSC08287_zps6ccc3ca4.jpg

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