Antique German Pug Cider Barrel Wagon Tantalus Mugs


Antique German porcelain cider barrel wagon. This is an interesting little novelty likely for port or heavy cider. The dog is porcelain in good condition with some slight scuffing from the metal wagon apparatus but no chips or damage to report. The barrel is hand blown enameled glass with a lovely floral decor. The barrel is in excellent condition. The wagon is metal possibly once gold gilt now pewter painted. The paint shows some flaking but all metal is intact. The glass handle mugs are a more recent but vintage addition and are not original to the cart. Originals would have matched barrel and would have been enameled as well. The cart wheels move and there are eight mugs total. The cart with dog measures 16 1/2" long by 8 1/2" wide. The barrel measures 6" x5"in diameter. The dog is 6" long by 5" tall. We date the piece circa 1890-1900.

 photo P2277616_zps89229962.jpg  photo P2277615_zps2e072760.jpg  photo P2277614_zps91ddbee0.jpg  photo P2277613_zps979c6b3f.jpg  photo P2277612_zps61c5b3c2.jpg  photo P2277611_zps761c7012.jpg  photo P2277610_zpsc17aeede.jpg  photo P2277609_zpsdb3589e0.jpg  photo P2277608_zpse89dd721.jpg  photo P2277607_zpsa817e309.jpg  photo P2277606_zps427ae5b2.jpg  photo P2277605_zpsbf509bf4.jpg  photo P2277604_zps201e3303.jpg  photo P2277603_zps161ca4a4.jpg  photo P2277602_zps892791b4.jpg

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